Memorandum Circulars - Year 1997

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Wage Rate for Filipino Able Seaman 01/03/1997
2 Guidelines on the Establishment and Operationalization of Onsite Welfare and Monitoring Centers 01/17/1997
3 Repatriated OFWs from Taiwan Due to Illness 01/24/1997
4 Increase in National Health Insurance (NHI) Benefits of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Dependents 02/04/1997
5 Guidelines on the Implementation of Placement Fee Ceiling for Landbased Agency 01/27/1997
6 Guidelines for the Implementation of the Full Disclosure Policy 04/04/1997
7 Recruitment of Seafarers with Training Certificates Issued by the Accredited Training Centers 04/14/1997
8 Guidelines in the Prescription and Use of Drugs Against Intestinal Parasites 04/23/1997
9 Deployment of Worker-Trainees to South Korea other than KFSB and Intra-Company Schemes 05/05/1997
10 Guidelines on the Accreditation of Japanese Principals Hiring Filipino Performing Artists (OPAs) 05/05/1997
11 Exemption from the Minimum Age Requirement of Female Household Workers in Malaysia 05/22/1997
12 Guidelines on the Extension of the Maximum Contract Term Limit from two (2) to three (3) years for Expatriate Workers in Taiwan 06/10/1997
13 Visa Issuance at the Kuwait Embassy in Manila 06/18/1997
14 Authentication of Employment Contracts of Workers Bound for Solomon Islands 06/23/1997
15 Amendatory Guidelines on the Accreditation of Japanese Principals Hiring Overseas Performing Artists (OPAs) 07/30/1997
16 Additional Training Requirement for Purposes of Registration of Filipino Seafarers 08/04/1997
17 Guidelines for the Establishment of Branch Offices of Training Centers 09/05/1997
18 Issuance of Special Exit Clearance 10/13/1997
19 Implementing Guidelines for the Deployment of Household Workers to to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia 09/24/1997
20 Suspension of Accreditation of Agency-to-Agency PDOS Tie-up 09/12/1997
21 Supplemental Accreditation Requirement on the Deployment of Worker- Trainees to South Korea other than KFSB and Intra-company Schemes under MC 9, Series of 1997 11/10/1997
22 Amendment on Guidelines on the Accreditation of Japanese (Principal) hiring Filipino Artists (OPAs) 11/17/1997
23 Exemption from MC 20, Series of 1997 on PDO Program of Manning Agencies 12/23/1997
24 Minimum Basic Salary for Workers in Taiwan 12/20/1997


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