Memorandum Circulars - Year 1996

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Medical Clinics Accredited by Malaysia 01/11/1996
2 Salary of Domestic Helpers/Caretakers for Taiwan 01/04/1996
3 Travel Advice for Libya 01/12/1996
4 Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 52, Series of 1995 on the Deployment of Filipino Drivers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East Countries 01/18/1996
5 Forum on the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 8042 01/19/1996
6 Data Entry to Info Sheet 01/24/1996
7 Lost or Expired Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs) 01/24/1996
8 Monitor on Processed Workers/Surrender of Expired OECs 01/24/1996
9 Minimum Wage in CNMI 01/26/1996
10 Ramadan, Muslim Religious Holiday 02/02/1996
11 Ramadan 02/09/1996
12 Strict Implementation of the Policy on Single Accreditation 02/26/1996
13 Contingency Measures 03/11/1996
14 Inclusion of a Provision on Soliday Liability of Principals/Employers and the Recruitment Agency in the Contract for Overseas Employment 03/07/1996
15 Interim Procedures and Requirements for the Exemption of Performing Artists from the Age 23 Requirement 03/25/1996
16 Issuance of Artist Record Book to Performing Artists who Underwent Academic and Skills Training in Different Training Centers 03/15/1996
17 Incentive Package for Recipients of the POEA 1994 Top Performers and 1995 Award of Excellence 04/15/1996
18 Strict Compliance to the 1978 STCW Convention, as Amended, on Upgrading Courses for Seafarers 04/16/1996
19 Haj Holiday in Saudi Arabia 04/30/1996
20 Memorandum Circular No. 8, Series of 1994 (Minimum Age Requirement of 25 yrs old for Female Household Workers) 05/22/1996
21 Complete Address/Telephone Numbers of the Philippine Labor Centers 05/02/1996
22 Additional Sessions Under the Centralized Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) 05/21/1996
23 Medical Clinics Accredited by Malaysia 05/30/1996
24 Clarification on the Implementation of Section 20, Rule II, Book II of the Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Overseas Employment 06/03/1996
25 Additional Documentary Requirements from Filipino Seamen who are Joining Vessel at any Port of Tunisia 06/06/1996
26 Undertaking by Jordanian Placement Agents to Guarantee Payment of Salary to Filipino Household Workers According to the Employment Contract 06/17/1996
27 Boarding Certificate Requirement for Taiwan Deployment 07/01/1996
28 PDOS for Workers Bound for Libya and Malaysia 06/20/1996
29 Transfer of the Name-hire Processing Unit to Pre-Employment Services Office 06/10/1996
30 Additional Guidelines on the Hiring of Filipino Workers for the Follow- on Diego Garcia Base Operation Support Contract 06/25/1996
31 Guidelines for the Lifting of the Deployment Suspension of Filipino Workers in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) 07/01/1996
32 Submission by Deploying Manning Agencies and by Seafarers of Fake or Tampered Documents for Seafarers Registration 06/25/1996
33 Guidelines in the Deployment of Filipino Domestic Helpers Bound to Singapore 07/24/1996
33-A Revised Standard Employment Contract and Agency Undertaking for Filipino Household Workers Bound to Singapore 08/29/1996
34 Minimum Wage for Filipino Domestic Helpers in Pakistan 08/22/1996
35 Certified True Copy of the Artist Record Book as New Requirement of Japanese Immigration for Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility to Performing Artist who are ARB holders Effective 03 September 1996 08/30/1996
35-A Amendments to Memorandum Circular No. 35, Series of 1996 09/17/1996
36 Guidelines on the Deployment of Performing Artists 08/23/1996
37 Temporary Suspension of Processing of Documents of Landbased Workers, Including Balik Manggagawa to 7 Middle East countries 09/06/1996
38 Temporary Suspension of Deployment of Workers to Iraq 09/06/1996
39 Submission by the Landbased Agencies to Licensing Branch of the List of Deployed Workers to 8 Middle East Countries 09/06/1996
40 Selective Lifting of the Temporary Suspension to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia 09/12/1996
41 Lifting of the Temporary Suspension of Deployment to Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria 09/13/1996
42 Cancellation of Previously Approved Job Orders Under the HI-A Visa Category 09/23/1996
43 Worker-Applicants who Change their Identity 09/17/1996
44 Namehires 09/10/1996
45 Emphasis on the Prohibition of Homosexuality, Gambling and Selling of Alcoholic Beverages in Saudi Arabia 10/14/1996
46 Inclusion of the Provision on Passport Custody of Workers in the Employment Contract 10/04/1996
47 Salary of Domestic Helpers/Caretakers for Taiwan 10/18/1996
48 Procedure and Requirements in the Registration of C3 Registrants- Applicants who Cannot Meet the Minimum Requirements for Registration as Seafarers but have Limited Sea-Related Land Experience or Training and being Hired by a Licensed Manning Agency/Shipping Company onboard a Foreign-Going Vessel 09/30/1996
49 Repayment of Lost Official Receipts 10/31/1996
50 Segregation of Seabased and Landbased Functions/Structure within POEA 10/28/1996
51 Extension in the Processing of Employment Contracts of Household Workers Recruited as Name Hires Provided by MC 44, Series of 1996 11/14/1996
52 Adoption of Security Measures to Identify Fake and Tampered PDOS Certificates and Referral Slips 11/15/1996
53 Resumption of Deployment of Household Workers to the Middle East 12/03/1996
54 List of All Deployed Performing Artists 12/20/1996
55 Revised Standard Employment Terms and Conditions Governing the Employment of Filipino Seafarers on Board Ocean-Going Vessels 12/16/1996
56 Prohibition on the Export of Iraqi Oil 12/26/1996


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