Memorandum Circulars - Year 1995

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Implementation of Artist Record Book Requirement 01/02/1995
2 Amendment No.1 to Rules Implementing the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees 01/10/1995
3 New System on Performing Artists (Entertainers) 01/10/1995
4 Posting of the Agency's Complete List of Officers and Employees 01/10/1995
5 Monitoring of Workers in Earthquake-hit Areas in Japan 01/18/1995
6 Temporary suspension of Deployment to Hyogo Prefecture, Amori and Awaji Japan 01/25/1995
7 Caution against Drug Smuggling Modus Operandi Utilizing Seaman 02/06/1995
8 Verification of Employment Contracts and Documents by the Office of Labor Attache - Brunei 01/27/1995
9 Implementing Guidelines on the Use of the Booking Confirmation 02/06/1995
10 Adoption/Implementation of the Amended Standard Employment Contract for Filipino Performing Artists Bound for Japan 02/06/1995
10-A Corrections in the Amended Standard Employment Contract for Filipino Performing Artists bound for Japan 02/20/1995
11 Increase in Fees for Visa and Work Permits in Saudi Arabia 02/10/1995
12 New Identification Cards (IDs) for Liaison Officers 02/07/1995
13 Suspension of Deployment to Chechen Republic, Russian Federation 02/10/1995
14 Incentive Package for Recipients of the POEA 1993 Top Performer Award and Award of Excellence 02/16/1995
15 Second Medical Examination for Workers in Malaysia 02/13/1995
16 Ramadan Holidays in Saudi Arabia 02/21/1995
17 Warning to Seafarers on Robbery Cases on Board 02/21/1995
18 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers (Au Pair Girls) Bound for Sweden 02/23/1995
19 Guidelines on the Implementation of Department Order No. 6 (Series of 1995) 03/09/1995
19-A Additional Guidelines on the Implementation of Department Order No. 6 (Series of 1995) 03/24/1995
20 Installation of Oceanographic Instruments in the Muscat Governorate Area 03/13/1995
21 Performing Artists to Report to LAC Prior to Scheduled Departure 03/30/1995
22 Voluntary Coverage of Seafarers to Pag-Ibig Fund 03/24/1995
23 Implementation of the Minimum Requirements and Qualification Standard for Entry and Promotion to Grade (MRQSEPG) of Filipino Seafarers 03/27/1995
24 POEA Watchlist Clearance/Certification 03/21/1995
25 Guidelines on the Implementation of Department Orders No. 6-A and 12, Series of 1995 on Deployment of Performing Artists 04/12/1995
26 Change of Identity and Falsification of Documents for Purposes of Deployment 04/18/1995
27 Information Campaign on "Kabuhayan 2000: Sa Pagbabalik ng Pinoy" Reintegration Program During PDOS 04/27/1995
28 Verified Manpower Request/Authenticated Employment Contract Requirement Involving Requests from Foreign Placement Agencies 04/21/1995
29 Coverage of the Temporary Suspension of Deployment to the CNMI 04/21/1995
30 English Proficiency for Female Household Workers 05/09/1995
31 War Risk Insurance Requirement for Israel-bound Workers 05/09/1995
32 Arabic Numbers During PDOS 05/19/1995
33 Requirement for Additional Information on Foreign/Principals/Projects 05/05/1995
34 Official Deployment Report Form 05/26/1995
35 POEA REU-La Union to Undertake Name Hire and New Hire Processing 05/30/1995
36 Strict Requirement of Individual Visa for Contract Processing 06/08/1995
37 Lifting of the War-Risk Insurance Requirement for Israel-Bound Contract Workers 06/09/1995
38 Guidelines on Visa Fees for Saudi Arabia 06/14/1995
39 Implementing Guidelines on Exemption for Performing Artists from Training, Testing and Pre-Departure Showcase Preview 06/23/1995
40 Strict Observance of Visa Issuance Policy by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs 07/05/1995
41 English Proficiency and Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers 07/10/1995
42 Issuance of Artist Record Book (ARB) 06/26/1995
43 Requirement for Report on Cases of Workers Involved in Industrial Accidents 07/10/1995
44 Resumption of Accreditation of Medical Clinics/Hospitals by the Department of Health of the Republic of China 07/04/1995
45 Abolition of Repatriation Bond for All OCWs 07/14/1995
46 Study on the Training Needs of Filipino Seafarers 07/25/1995
47 Requirement of NBI/Police Clearance in the POEA Processing of South Korea bound Worker-Trainees 07/27/1995
48 DFA Travel Advisory for Filipino Women Travelling to Africa and West Asia 08/14/1995
49 New Standard Wage for Foreign Workers in Taiwan 08/14/1995
50 LAC Clearance to Depart for Incomplete Groups of Performing Artists 08/11/1995
51 IMO Circular on Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships 08/28/1995
52 Guidelines for the Deployment of Filipino Drivers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East Countries 09/05/1995
53 Stiffer Penalty for Drug-Related Crimes in Kuwait 09/07/1995
54Minimum Salary of Korea-Bound Filipino worker-Trainee 09/18/1995
55 Paragraph 1 of Memorandum dated April 17, 1995 on Requirements for Registration of Seafarers Particularly Graduates of B.S. Marine Transport- ation (BSMT), B.S. Marine Engineering (BSMARe) and Basic Seaman Course (BSC) 09/06/1995
56 Standard Training Certificate 10/02/1995
57 Additional Guidelines in the Implementation of the Artist Record Book System for Overseas Performing Artist 10/06/1995
58 Submission of the List of Enrollees in the Academic and Skills Training of Performing Artists 10/09/1995
59 Suspension on the Accreditation of Korean Principals under the Joint Venture/Technology Cooperation Scheme 10/04/1995
60 Re-Entry Visa to Hongkong 10/23/1995
61 Processing of Employment Documents under Joint Venture Agreement/ Technology Cooperation Scheme for South Korea 10/20/1995
62 Authorized Medical Clinics for Lebanon 11/09/1995
63 Job Quota for the Private Sector in Saudi Arabia 11/06/1995
64 Implementation of the Moratorium on Issuance of Provisional License per Department Order No. 24, Series of 1995 11/10/1995
65 OCWs' Exemption from Payment of Travel Tax and Airport Fee 09/01/1995
66 Accredited Medical Clinics for Lebanon 11/02/1995
67 Chest X-Ray Films of OCWs for Taiwan 11/23/1995
68 Documentary Requirements for Visa Issuance by the Libyan Embassy 11/27/1995
69 Travel to Libya via Tunisia or Egypt 12/06/1995


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