Memorandum Circulars - Year 1994

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Annual Progress and Status Report on Overseas Training Program of Filipino Seafarers 01/03/1994
2 Report on Seafarers Engaged / Employed On-Board Foreign-Going Vessels from January 1 to December 1993 01/03/1994
3 OCW ID Cards 01/07/1994
4 Suspension of Processing of Documents of Filipino Aircraft Maintenance Bound for Libya 01/05/1994
5 Adjustment in Rates of Compensation and Other Benefits Provided Under the POEA Standard Employment Contract for Seafarers 01/19/1994
6 White Slavery Trade in Belgium Victimizing Filipino Women 02/01/1994
7 Posting of Company Signboard, Door Stickers, Posters, Rules and Regulations and Issuances Governing Recruitment Activities and Related Matters 01/24/1994
8 Guidelines Implementing the Minimum Age Requirement for 02/11/1994 Female Overseas Household Workers 02/11/1994
9 Seafarers Express Lane Registration Requirements 02/10/1994
10 Postage Expenses for Direct Routing of Documents from the Philippine Labor Center (PLC) to POEA 02/18/1994
11 Suspension of Deployment of OCWs to Algeria 02/16/1994
12 PAMAAT Representative to be Assigned at FARO further to MC No. 10 Series of 1994 02/28/1994
13 Quarterly Survey of Skills (QSS) 02/21/1994
14 Submission of Deployment Report 02/16/1994
15 Fake PLC Official Receipts 03/04/1994
16 Foreign Nationals who are in the Philippines for Purposes of Conducting Recruitment Activities to Secure a Special Work Permit from CID 03/08/1994
17 Modified Exit Procedures for Departing Balik-Manggagawa 03/11/1994
18 Deployment of Filipino Workers to European Countries 03/15/1994
19 Imposition of the Prescribed Training Fees and Training Standards 03/16/1994
20 Information Card / Sheet About the Employer 03/30/1994
20-A Further to MC. No 20, Series of 1994, Manning and Shipmanning Agencies Need Not Provide the LAC with Seafarers Information Cards 04/21/1994
21 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for Hongkong 04/05/1994
22 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for the United States 04/08/1994
23 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for Canada 04/12/1994
24 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for Japan 04/15/1994
25 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for Italy 04/18/1994
26 Guidelines for the Pre-qualification and Accreditation of Licensed Taiwan Manpower Agencies 04/14/1994
27 Accreditation of Engineering Institutions in the Philippines by the State of Bahrain 04/18/1994
28 A Crackdown By Malaysian Immigration Authorities on Filipino Musicians Without Work Permits 04/18/1994
29 All manning / Crewing Agents Are Hereby Directed to Check the Registration of the Vessel Which the Crew are Assigned 04/22/1994
30Guidelines on the Name Hire Processing Unit 04/20/1994
31 Submission of Monthly Deployment Report 04/26/1994
32 Singapore Restriction on Air Guns 05/06/1994
33 Suspension of Deployment to Yemen 05/10/1994
34 Guidelines on the Establishment of Training Centers for Performing Artists 05/06/1994
35 Requirement for a Comprehensive Information Sheet of Employers Hiring Caretakers / Domestic Helpers Bound for Taiwan 05/18/1994
36 Contract Duration of Expatriate Workers in Taiwan 05/26/1994
37 Suspension on the Deployment to Croatia 05/10/1994
38 Guidelines in the Evaluation of Applications for Renewal of License 06/08/1994
39 War Risk Premium Pay for all Vessels Plying Near and Around the Port of Aden 06/03/1994
40 Guidelines on the Deployment of Trainees Under the Fourth Category of the Republic of Korea's Alien Industrial Technology Training Program 06/06/1994
41 Guidelines Towards the Operationalization of Measures to Further Improve Protection in the Deployment of Household Workers 06/13/1994
42Rigorous Medical Examination for OCWs Bound for Malaysia 06/29/1994
43 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for Spain 06/29/1994
44 Jobs Fair Program 06/20/1994
45 Issuance of Memorandum Circular No. 30, Series of 1994 re Name Hires 07/15/1994
46 Requirement for the Accreditation of Foreign Employers and Principals 07/28/1994
47 Requirement for More Information in the Manpower Request 07/28/1994
48 Lifting of Suspension on Deployment to Yemen 08/08/1994
49 Applicants for Overseas Employment Referred for Medical Examination 08/15/1994
50 Verification Requirement for the CNMI 08/22/1994
51 New Medical Examinations and Corresponding Fees for Saudi-bound Contract Workers 08/31/1994
52 Guidelines on the Decentralization of POEA Functions (Mindanao) 09/06/1994
53 Minimum Salary Increase 09/06/1994
54 Implementation of Government Board Resolution No. 9, Series of 1994, on the Acceptance of Actual Terms and Conditions in the Deployment of OCWs to Industrial Plants and Factories in Malaysia 08/19/1994
55 Implementation of the Special Hiring Program for Household Workers 09/09/1994
56 Implementing Guidelines on the Mandatory Requirement of the Artist Record Book for Contract Processing of Performing Artists Beginning October 1, 1994 09/22/1994
57 Penalty to be Imposed on Erring Agencies Authorized to Participate in the Special Hiring Program for Taiwan 09/26/1994
58 New Minimum Wage for Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hongkong 09/30/1994
59 Implementing Guidelines on Exemption in the Training, Testing and Accreditation of Performing Artists 09/30/1994
60 Labor Secretary's Letter to Foreign Employers of Household Workers 10/12/1994
61 Submission of Copies of Collective Bargaining Agreements 10/17/1994
62 Additional Requirements for the Accreditation of Korean Companies Hiring Filipino Trainees 10/15/1994
63 Simplified Procedure for Visa Application for Hongkong 10/28/1994
63-A Model Employment Contract for Filipino Household Workers 10/13/1994
64 Exemption to the Minimum Age Requirement for Female Household Workers Bound for Switzerland 11/09/1994
65 Operation Pamasko sa OCW 11/11/1994
65-A Name Hire Processing in POEA CAR 11/14/1994
66 Guidelines on the Implementation of a Single Entry Level for Landbased Licenses and the Conversion of Existing Service / Construction Contractor Authorities Under this New System 11/22/1994
67 Addendum to Memorandum Circular No. 16, Series 1988, re : Campaign Against Illegal Recruitment 12/07/1994
68 Guidelines in the Accreditation of Employers for the Deployment of Trainees Under the Technology Cooperation Scheme (TIS) of the AITTP 12/12/1994
69 Lifting of War Risk Insurance Requirement for Filipino Workers Bound to Lebanon 12/09/1994
70 Guidelines for the Implementation of E. O. No. 195 and D. O. No. 37 Series 1994, Concerning the Medical Care Program for OCWs12/14/1994


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