Memorandum Circulars - Year 1993

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Reiteration of the Adoption of the Minimum Requirements and Qualification Standard for Entry and Promotion to Grade of Filipino Seafarers (MRQSEPG) and Streamlining of the Registration Process for Seafarers 01/06/1993
1-A New Date of Effectivity of Memorandum Circular No. 1, Series of 1993 01/22/1993
2 Annual Progress and Status Report on Overseas Training Program of Filipino Overseas 01/19/1993
3 Report on Seafarers Engaged / Employed Onboard 01/25/1993
4 Hepa A and B Tests Requirement for All Qatar Bound Contract Workers 02/15/1993
5 Abolition of Attestation of Contract of Foreign Domestic Helpers by the Hongkong Labour Department 02/22/1993
6 Extension of Validity of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for Seafarers 03/04/1993
7 Name Hiring Under the Special Hiring Program for Taiwan 03/02/1993
8 Hiring of Filipino Fishermen for Taiwan 03/02/1993
9 Exemption from Repatriation Bond Requirement for Landbased Balik-Manggagawa or Returning Overseas Contract Workers (OCWs) 02/15/1993
10 Deck Officers to Complete Radar Observers Course and Radar Simulator Course as Requirement in Registration 03/22/1993
11 Request for the Upgrading / Replacement of Expired SRCs of Seafarers 03/20/1993
12 Greek Ministerial Order for New Overseas Contract Workers 03/18/1993
13 Income Tax for Migrant Workers in Malaysia 03/18/1993
14 Name Hiring Under the Special Hiring Program for Taiwan 03/17/1993
15 Increase in Passage Terminal Fee (Airport Tax) from P250.00 to P300.00 Effective April 1, 1993 03/30/1993
16 Registration Process for Seafarers in Addition to MC No. 1 Series of 1993 04/19/1993
17Newly Accredited Medical Clinics for Taiwan 05/07/1993
18 Guidelines for the Implementation of the Mandatory PDOS for Disadvantaged OCWs to be Administered by Qualified NGOs 05/25/1993
19 Guidelines for the Establishment of Branch Offices 05/24/1993
20 Guidelines on the Deployment of Worker-Trainees for South Korea 05/27/1993
21 PDOS Certificate to be Validated at LAC 06/08/1993
22 Conciliation and Consultation Services to Foreign Domestic Helpers and Employers to be provided by Hongkong Labour Department's Labour Relations Service (LRS) 05/31/1993
23 Transfer of Business Address 06/22/1993
24 Entrance Fee of Duty Free Philippines for Non-Passengers 06/22/1993
25 Compiled Listing of Skills Tested and Certified by the NMYC and its Accredited Trade Testing Centers 06/22/1993
26 Only PDOS Certificate of Attendance Issued Jointly by POEA and Accredited NGOs for Hongkong and Saudi Arabia-bound Household Workers Shall be Valid 06/24/1993
27 Household Workers Bound for Hongkong and the Middle East and Processed through POEAs Government Placement Branch shall Also be Referred to NGOs 06/24/1993
28 Singapore New Government Ruling Prohibiting "co-habitation" between Singapore Citizens and Foreigners 07/01/1993
29 Guidelines on the Implementation of POEA Memorandum Circulars No. 25, Series of 1993 07/03/1993
30 The Information and Education Division (IED) shall take charge of Every Issuances When Publication in Newspaper of General Circulation is Required 07/14/1993
31 Necessary Precautions to Avoid OCWs from Getting Stranded from Malta to Libya07/09/1993
32 Guidelines on Notice of Application for Issuance and Grant of License and for the Conduct of Orientation Seminar for Executive Officers 06/30/1993
33 Additional Requirement for Visa Issuance of Domestic Helpers and Caretakers 07/22/1993
34 Additional Requirement for the Enrollment of Vessel and Processing of Contracts for Female Crew Boarding Yachts Under Greek Principals 07/28/1993
35 New Minimum Wage in Taiwan 08/27/1993
36 Accreditation and Contract Processing Privileges for Hall of Fame Awardees and Recipients of Awards of Distinction 08/31/1993
37 Additional Guidelines in Deploying Trainees to South Korea 08/25/1993
38 New Guidelines for Taiwan 09/08/1993
39 Agencies and Entities Who are Hall of Famers and Awardees of Distinction Are Exempted to Submit PDOS Certificates of Attendance for the Processing of Employment Contracts 09/03/1993
40 Centralized PDOS for Singapore - bound Household Workers 09/07/1993
41 Survey on the Origin of Seafarers Employed Onboard Foreign- Going Vessels 09/20/1993
42 Manning Entities are Reminded to Ensure that their Employers Comply with the Contractual Provision that Shipboard Salaries and Overtime Must be Paid On Board 10/06/1993
43 All Transactions Pertaining to Taiwan, Landbased and Seabased Shall be Directed to FARO 10/13/1993
44 Validation of the Overseas Employment Certificates at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) 10/15/1993
45 Grievance Machinery Made Available by Singapore Government for Foreign Domestic Workers 10/21/1993
46 Agencies Recruiting OCW for Taiwan to Submit the Name of their Co-Agents 10/26/1993
47 Extension of Deadline for Filing of Gulf War Claims 09/07/1993
48 Philippine Citizen Registry Form for Filipino Workers Bound for the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands 10/29/1993
49 Use of "Concentrated Method" When Conducting Examination for Parasites 11/08/1993
50 Guidelines on the Deployment of Household Workers to the United States of America 10/14/1993
51 Strong Warning of the Malaysian Government Against the Forming of Workers Unions or Any Associations to Champion their Cause 12/23/1993
52 PDOS for Disadvantaged Workers and Household Workers for Brunei and Middle East 12/14/1993
53 Deployment of Contract Workers / Filipinas to Belgium 12/17/1993


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