Memorandum Circulars - Year 1992

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Suspension of the Implementation of MC No. 41 Series of 1991 on Deployment Quota 01/17/1992
2 Transportation of OCWs Particularly Household Workers (maid servants, governesses, drivers, etc.) to the Kingdom 01/06/1992
3 Radio Broadcast in Filipino through United Arab Emirates Radio 01/03/1992
4 Suspension of J / J Medical and Industrial Clinic 01/21/1992
5 Submission of POEA - PDOS Certificate of Attendance to the Labor Assistance Center 01/22/1992
6 Job Fair Authority 01/15/1992
7 Service Fees and Proof of Foreign Exchange Remittance 01/08/1992
8 Creation of POEA Processing Center / Secretariat for Iraq / Kuwait War Claims 01/31/1992
9 Manpower Pooling Advertisements 01/24/1992
10 Mandatory Personal Accident and Life Insurance Coverage for All Departing Land-Based Overseas Contract Workers 02/17/1992
11 Simplification of Employment Contract for Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hongkong 02/12/1992
12 Clarification of Administrative Guidelines Implementing Department Circular 01-91 02/21/1992
13 The Responsibility to Report to POEA Significant Incidents Concerning Overseas Contract Workers 02/13/1992
14 Update on Canada's Foreign Domestic Programme 02/26/1992
15 CANCELLED (See MC 22 Series of 1992)
16 Revised Employment Contract for Foreign Workers (Non-Domestic Helpers) in Hongkong 02/26/1992
17 Guidelines for Recruitment of Filipino Workers for Malaysia 03/04/1992
18 Standard Referral Form for Medical Examination of Overseas Contract Workers / Seafarers 03/03/1992
19 PDOS Trainors Training 03/12/1992
20 Repeated Warning Against Involvement of Filipino Seafarers in Illegal Drugs 03/18/1992
21 Submission of Monthly Deployment Reports 03/17/1992
22 Cancellation of MC No. 15 Series of 1992 on Hiring Guidelines on Taiwan 03/18/1992
23 Temporary Suspension of Processing of Job Orders for Principals Responsible for Transferring DH Bound for Middle East to Kuwait 03/24/1992
24 Hiring Guidelines for Taiwan 03/25/1992
25 Temporary Suspension on the Processing and Deployment to All Contract Workers to Libya 04/02/1992
26 New Authentication Procedure for Hongkong Domestic Helper Contracts 03/30/1992
27 Dual and Minor Market Accreditation of Foreign Employers / Promoters Hiring Filipino Performing Artists 03/27/1992
28 Lifting of the Temporary Suspension of Returning Workers to Libya 04/07/1992
29 Incentive Package for Recipients of POEA Performance Awards 1990 04/14/1992
30 Temporary Suspension of the Processing and Deployment to all Contract Workers to Libya 04/15/1992
31 Deployment of Domestic Helpers to Hongkong 04/13/1992
32 Filipino Crew in Smuggling Activities in China 03/25/1992
33 Deployment of Vacationing Workers for Libya with Families Thereat 04/23/1992
34 Establishment of Special Processing Counters for the Special Hiring Program for Taiwan 04/23/1992
35 Lifting of the Temporary Suspension in the Deployment of Returning Workers to Libya 04/27/1992
36 Compulsory PDO at POEA for Malaysia - Bound Domestic Workers 04/27/1992
37 Guidance Notes on Hongkong Standard Employment Contract for Foreign Domestic Workers and Employees in Hongkong 04/22/1992
38 Lifting of the Temporary Suspension in the Deployment of New Hires and Returning Workers to Libya 04/30/1992
39 Dissemination of Information on the Bagong Bayani Awards During PDOS 04/20/1992
40 Suspension of Registration of Seafarers every Friday Beginning 29-May 05/20/1992
41 Authentication of Visa Certificates by the Consulate General of Lebanon 05/26/1992
42 Temporary Suspension of Processing and Issuance of Entry Permits to Greece 05/20/1992
43 Additional Guidelines for Taiwan 05/26/1992
44 Canada's Live-in Caregiver Programme 06/01/1992
45 Guidelines on the Accreditation of Foreign Principals and Enrollment of Vessels in the POEA Regional Center / DOLE Regional Offices / POEA Regional Extension Units 06/16/1992
46 Creation of a Tripartite Entertainment Advisory Sub-Committee 06/09/1992
47 Deferment of Implementation of SEC Ruling on Foreign Participation in the Recruitment / Manning Industry 06/08/1992
48 Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Courses as Part of Registration Requirements 06/09/1992
49 Department of Health Circular No. 1-A, Series of 1992 Amending Department Circular No. 21-A, Series of 1990 - Policies of Hepatitis B Testing for Overseas Contract Workers and Seafarers 06/09/1992
50 Guidelines on the Hiring of Filipino Workers for the Follow-on Diego Garcia Base Operations Support Contract 06/10/1992
51 Issuance of the Professional Proficiency Certificate (PPC) to Performing Artists by the Philippine Chamber of Industries in Music and Entertainment, Foundation, Inc. (PHILCHIME) 06/15/1992
52 Repatriation Bond for All Land-Based Rehired and Recontracted Workers 06/16/1992
53 Suspension of Clinimed Biodiagnostic Center and Community Clinilab Medical Services 06/02/1992
54 Books of Accounts / Official Receipts 06/15/1992
55 Upgrading of the Basic Wage for Filipino Able Seamen 07/06/1992
56 Mandatory Personal Accident and Life Insurance for All Re-hired or Re-contracted Land-Based Overseas Contract Workers 07/15/1992
57 Expatriate Worker Policy in Papua New Guinea 06/25/1992
58 Contract Duration of US Navy Base Operations Support Contracts for Diego Garcia 07/02/1992
59 Procedures for Performing Artists Exempted from the Age 23 Requirement 07/08/1992
60 Reinstatement of Verification and Authentication of Employment Documents of Female Service Workers in Oman and Qatar 07/09/1992
61 Accreditation and Contract Processing Privileges for Recipients of Awards of Distinction and Hall of Fame 07/22/1992
62 Guidelines on the Authentication of Employment Contract and Application for Visa at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) 07/27/1992
63 Processing of Seafarers Employment Contracts During Week-Ends and Holidays 07/13/1992
64 Additional Guidelines for Taiwan 07/16/1992
65 New Identification Cards of Liaison Officers 07/29/1992
66 Availability of Displaced Workers from Subic Naval Base 08/04/1992
67 The Execution of the Affidavit of Responsibility and the Action on the Application for Accreditation Pending the Conciliation Proceeding Between the Parties 07/15/1992
68 Clarification of Processing Procedures for Performing Artists Exempted from the Age 23 Requirement 08/03/1992
69 Deployment to Libya via Transit Points through Land or Sea Routes08/12/1992
70 Stranded OverseasContract Workers 08/17/1992
71 Manpower Registry Division to Continue the Unfinished Task of Upgrading and Cleaning of Seafarers Records Relative to MC No. 40, Series of 1992 08/13/1992
72 Additional Guidelines for Taiwan and Amendments to Memorandum Circular No. 64, Series of 1992 08/17/1992
73 Further Deferment in the Implementation of SEC Ruling Embodied in Memorandum Circular No. 47, Series of 1992 08/24/1992
74 Reiteration of Some Provisions of the Labor Code and POEA Rules and Regulations on Inspection 08/25/1992
75 Guidelines in the Hiring of Filipino Workers for the Follow-on Diego Garcia Base Operations Support Contract 08/28/1992
76 Verification by the Office of the Labor Attache, Brunei of Employment Contracts and Documents Submitted by Principals for Accreditation 08/18/1992
77 Sanctions for Non-Submission of PDOS Report/s and Non-Compliance with the Guidelines in the Accomplishment of the PDOS Report Form 09/30/1992
78 CANCELLED (Hiring of Filipino Fishermen for Taiwan) - Replaced by MC No. 85 Series of 1992 10/15/
79 Fees and Charges for POEA Processing Services for Seafarers and Landbased Contract Workers Including Returning Contract Workers (Balik-Manggagawa) 10/12/1992
80 Requirements for Contract Processing of Performing Artists10/15/1992
81 Submission and Adoption of Escrow Agreement 10/23/1992
82 Guidelines on Accreditation of Pre-Departure Orientation Program of NGOs for Disadvantaged Overseas Contract Workers 10/29/1992
83 Establishment of Facilitation and Review Office (FARO) for Taiwan 12/07/1992
84 Advising Filipino Workers to be Cautious About Talks or Actions Regarding Religion 11/17/1992
85 Hiring of Filipino Fishermen for Taiwan 12/17/1992
86 General Guidelines for the Deployment of Filipino Contract Workers to Bahrain 12/18/1992
87 OCW Handbook 12/21/1992
88 New Processing Requirement for Filipino Workers Bound for Italy 12/29/1992


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