Memorandum Circulars - Year 1990

No. Subject Date Issued
1 Reactivation of Regional Extension Units 1, 6 and 10, for Registration of Seafarers01/03/1990
2 Report on Seafarers Engaged / Employed Onboard 01/04/1990
3 Suspension of Issuance of Authority to Operate as a Service Contractor Based on Service Agreements with United States Hospitals 01/16/1990
4 Regulation and Supervision of Accredited CGFNS Review Centers 01/19/1990
5 Procedures of Submission of Requests for Renewal of Licenses/Authorities 01/29/1990
6 Amendment to Addendum A, Memorandum Circular No. 21, Series of 1984 on War Risk Trading Areas in Lebanon 02/02/1990
7 Lifting of Suspension of In-House PDOS Program Accreditation / Qualifications and Additional Requirements Relative Thereto 01/26/1990
8 Refresher Course for PDOS Trainors 01/26/1990
9 Processing of Cabin Crew / Flight Attendants on Home Leave 02/01/1990
10 Lifting of War Zone Bonus in the Persian Gulf Previously Retained and Subject of Memorandum Circular No. 31, Series of 1988 02/06/1990
11 Classification of Entertainers, Replacement and Validity of Artist Accreditation Certificate 01/12/1990
12 Suspension of Mandatory War Risk Insurance for Landbased OCW Bound for Libyan Territory 02/12/1990
13 Compulsory PDOE for All Filipino Entertainers 02/13/1990
14 Registration and Processing of Contract of Overseas Workers Under the C3 Category 01/19/1990
15 The Responsibilty to Report to POEA Significant Incidents Concerning Overseas Contract Workers 02/22/1990
16 Designated Auditioners For 1990 03/01/1990
17 Submission of Audited Financial Statement 03/01/1990
18 Postponement of the Implementation of the Pre-Deployment Orientation for Entertainers 03/13/1990
19 Incentive Package for Recipients of Outstanding Performance Award 1988 03/07/1990
20 Notification to Employers of Workers' Arrival 03/14/1990
20-A Notification to Employers of Workers' Arrival (further to MC 20 S1990) 05/14/1990
21 Submission of Audited 1989 Financial Statement 03/16/1990
22 Attestation of Employment Contract, UAE 03/16/1990
23 Deferment of the Implementation of MC No. 18, Series of 1990, Issued on March 13, 1990 03/16/1990
24 Further to MC No. 9, Series 1987, All Concerned Agencies / Entities are Required to Accomplish and Submit a Summary Report of Monthly Allotment Payroll Report 03/22/1990
25 Travel Ban of Lebanon 03/29/1990
26 Posting of Door Stickers, Rules and Regulations and Issuances Governing Recruitment Activities and Related Matters 03/30/1990
27 Further Guidelines to MC Nos. 76 and 77 Series of 1989 on OEC Implementation 03/30/1990
28 Guidelines on Application for Authority to Conduct Provincial Recruitment and / or Job Fair (further to MC 47 Series of 1989) 03/15/1990
29 Temporary Suspension of Deployment of Domestic Helpers and other Unskilled Workers to Jordan 04/02/1990
30 Grave Consequences of / Severe Penalties for Crimes Committed in Saudi Arabia 03/30/1990
31 Advertisements of Seafarers for Manpower Pooling 04/03/1990
32 Notice to Mariners No. 10-1989 and Navigation Warning No. 173-1989 03/30/1990
33 Temporary Suspension of Deployment of New Hires DH to Jordan 04/16/1990
34 Requirements of English Translation of Japanese Principal on Original Visa Slip for Entertainers 04/19/1990
35 Smuggling/Trafficking, Possession or Use of Prohibited Drugs and Narcotics 05/02/1990
36 Visa Availability Certification Requirement for All Saudi Arabian Employees / Principals 05/14/1990
37 Clarificatory Information Relative to the Special Privilege of Returning OCWs 06/20/1990
38 Information Dissemination re Athens' Regulations on Foreign Exchange 06/25/1990
39 Extension Period of Replacement of Old Valid PECC Cards Expiring in 1991-1992 07/02/1990
40 New Set of Job Order Forms for the Contractors and Private Employment Agencies Effective August 15, 1990 no date
41 Providing Filipino Fishermen with the Appropriate Basic Conversational Language Training Prior to Embarkation 07/18/1990
42 Sample Employment Contract for Various Skills 07/19/1990
43 Required Capital Infusion In Case the Agency's / Entity's Capitalization / Stockholder's Equity is Impaired 07/26/1990
44 Guidelines for Cash/Bank Guarantee as Requirement for Authentication,Further to MC No. 29 and MC No. 22, both Series of 1990 08/01/1990
45 Amending Certain Provisions of Memorandum Circular No. 14, Series of 1990 08/01/1990
46 Temporary Suspension of Processing of Employment Contract Bound for Jordan 08/10/1990
47 Lifting of Suspension on the Accreditation of New Hongkong Placement Agencies 07/13/1990
48 Revised Standard Medical Examination Fees for Overseas Workers and Seafarers no date
49 Job Exchange Program for Displaced Filipino Workers from Kuwait and Iraq 09/12/1990
50 Guidelines on the Renewal of License / Authorities per Governing Board Resolution No.1 no date
51 Conduct of Provincial Recruitment and / or Job Fair Activities no date
52 Increase in Monthly Salary of Domestic Helpers Bound for Hongkong from HK$2,800 to HK$3,000 09/24/1990
53 The 1990 Bagong Bayani Awards 10/18/1990
54 One Stop Accreditation and Contract Processing Center for Seafarers no date
55 Reopening the Issuance of New License to Manning Agencies and Private Recruitment Entities (further to MC 14 and GBR 4) 11/16/1990
56 Job Exchange Program for Displaced Filipino Workers from Kuwait and Iraq 11/29/1990
57 Reinstatement of Verification and Authentication of Employment Documents for Filipino Domestic Helpers in Malaysia 11/29/1990
58 Precautionary Measures Relative to the Crisis in Middle East 12/17/1990
58-A Guidelines to be Adopted in the Processing of Employment WorkersBound for Middle East Pursuant to MC No. 58 Series of 1990 12/27/1990


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