Governing Board Resolutions - 2020

No. Subject
1 Deployment Ban for newly hired domestic workers to Kuwait
2 Total deployment ban for all OFWs including crew changes and shore leaves of Filipino seafarers in Iraq
3 Amending Section 181 of Rule VI part IV of the Revised POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Landbased OFWs of 2016
4 Imposing a Total Ban on Deployment of OFWs to Kuwait
5 Authorizing the POEA to execute with the Pag-IBIG Fund a MOA on electronic linkage between POEA and Pag-IBIG Fund
6 Lifting the deployment ban in Kuwait and to resume the processing and deployment of OFWs except newly-hired and returning (balik-manggagawa) domestic workers or household service workers
7 Lifting the OFW deployment ban in Kuwait INCLUDING newly-hired and returning (balik-manggagawa) domestic workers or household service workers
8 Imposing a temporary suspension on the processing and deployment of newly-hired workers bound for Lebanon, including crew changes, embarkation, disembarkation and shore leaves of seafarers.
9 Regulating the deployment of Filipino health care workers through the mission critical skill (MCS) framework and to prioritize human resource allocation for the national health care system at the time of the national state of emergency
10 Suspension of implementation of the additional escrow deposit requirement
Please download Affidavit of Undertaking for Escrow withdrawal
11 Directing PRAs to provide assistance to processed/locally stranded OFWs due to COVID-19
12 Suspension for 2 years the requirement for PRAs to maintain an escrow deposit of Php1,000,000 and allowing withdrawal of a maximum amount in excess of Php500,000
13 Issuance of the "Interim Guidelines for Facilitated Deployment and Provisions for Repatriation of Filipino Seafarers During the National State of Emergency brought about by COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines"
14 Suspension on the Processing and Deployment of Newly-hired OFWs Bound for Mali
15 Adoption of IBF List of Warlike and High Risk Designations
16 Issuance of Interim guidelines to Facilitate the Provisional Accreditation of Principal/Employer of Landbased OFWs during the National State of Emerency brough about by COVID-19 Pandemic
17 Lifting of the Moratorium on the Deployment of Nurses, Nursing Aides and Assistants and for Other Purposes


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