Memorandum Circulars - Year 1986

No. Subject Date Issued
1 No New Application for License/Authority Shall be Received or Processed by Licensing and Regulation Office 3/19/1986
1 Minimum Requirements for Contracts of Employment no date
1-A Specialization Requirements for the Recruitment and Deployment of Entertainers for Overseas Employment 1/14/1986
2 Amount of Foreign Currency That a Visitor May Bring Out of Thailand 1/6/1986
2 Standard Employment Contract for Filipino Artists/Entertainers Abroad 3/26/1986
3 Saudi Rules on Renewal of Contracts : For Dissemination at PDOS 1/20/1986
3 Requiring Agencies to Pay in Full the Cash Bond of P100,000 and Capitalization of P500,000 4/16/1986
4 AIDS Test for Saudi-Bound Workers 2/3/1986
4 On Misbehavior of Seamen 4/14/1986
5 Restricting Recruitment of Female Household Workers Bound for the Middle East Which Has Favorable Endorsement of the Philippine Embassy or Labor Attache no date
5 Adjustment in Rates of Compensation and Burial Benefits and Clarification Relative to Post-Employment Medical Examination 2/10/1986
5-A Deployment of Female Filipino Workers to Middle East 4/28/1986
6 Basic Information on Employment of Domestic Helpers in Kuwait 2/10/1986
6 Strict Compliance with Rule on Renewal of Licenses/Authorities 4/22/1986
7 Appointment of New Officer-in-Charge for the POEA 3/20/1986
7 Revocation of Memorandum Circular no. 1 Series of 1986 Regarding the Ban on New Application for License or Authority 5/23/1986
8 Islam's Holy Month of Ramadhan no date
9 Reiteration of Pertinent Provisions Regarding the Use of Bundy Clock no date
9 Declaring Gulf of Sidra/Sirte as War Risk Trading Area 5/26/1986
10 Amendment to Memorandum Circulars No. 3 and 3-A Series of 1985 on War Risk Trading Area and Premium Pays 5/30/1986
10 Procurement System and Contract of Services 10/2/1986
11 Data About Overseas Contract Worker's Employers 6/16/1986
12 Warzone Coverage and Premium Pay 7/8/1986
13 Deployment of Workers for Angola 7/15/1986
14 Guidelines on the Repatriation of Filipino Contract Workers in Kuwait 8/5/1986
15 Flying Angel House, the Seafarers Center 9/3/1986
16 War Risk Areas and Premium Pay for Trading Vessels 9/5/1986
16-A War Risk Areas and Premium Pay for Offshore Vessels 9/5/1986
17Clarificatory Guidelines to Memorandum Circular No. 5 Series of 1986 9/8/1986 on the Deployment of Female Filipino Workers to the Middle East 9/8/1986
18 Revised Guidelines on the Replacement of Lost Artists' Accreditation Certificates (PECC Cards) 9/10/1986
19 Processing and Release of Artists' Accreditation Certificates (PECC Cards) 9/11/1986
20 Contract Processing Department to Allow Group Endorsement of the Request for Processing 9/10/1986
21 Guidelines for the Implementation of Cancellation or Suspension Order 9/8/1986
22 Temporary Suspension of Deployment of Female Domestic Workers to Kuwait 9/12/1986
23 Guidelines on Direct Hiring of Seamen 10/2/1986
24 Mandatory War Risk Insurance Coverage for Libya Bound Contract Workers 10/14/1986
25 Lifting of the Deployment Suspension to Angola per Memorandum Circular No. 13 Series of 1986 10/21/1986
26 PDOS Trainors' Accreditation no date
27 Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 19 on Release of Artists' Accreditation Certificates (PECC Cards) 10/30/1986
28 New Deadline on the Compliance of the Additional Cash Bond and 12/29/1986 Capitalization Requirement 12/29/1986
29 Temporary Suspension of Deployment of Filipino Contract Workers to 12/16/1986 Lebanon 12/16/1986
30 Guidelines to Ensure All Job Orders for KSA are Utilized Fully for 12/15/1986 Deployment of Workers12/15/1986


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