No. Subject
1Reminder to Filipino seafarers on board ocean going vessels berthing in Taiwan
2Compliance with the Yearly Increase in Capitalization/Paid-up Capital
3Illegal recruitment by language training centers
4Parties responsible for the payment of expenses for the repatriation of OFWs from Taiwan
4AAng mga may pananagutan sa pagbabayad ng gastos sa pagpapauwi ng OFWs sa Taiwan
5Unauthorized recruitment and modus for undocumented OFWs returning to Malaysia
6Manual processing of seafarer's employment contract
7Full implementation of OFW Record Online Appointment System
8Request for Issuance of Certified Copy of OFW Information/Record in Conformity with RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012
9Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of OFWs in Mozambique and Zimbabwe due to Cyclone Idai
10-AEducation Trafficking Scam to New Zealand
11Companies Required to Secure Clearance at Jobcenter Brunei Prior to Engaging Foreign Workers
12British Columbia's Temporary Foreign Workers Protection Act
13Implementation of Kuwait Ministerial Resolution No. 135 of 2019 on the Use of Civil ID Card as Proof of Residence
14Canada's interim pathway for caregivers
15Illegal charging of training fees by language training centers
16Incidences where OFWs in Kuwit are not issued residence visas due to previous records
17DOLE Advisory to Philippine Recruitment Agencies' requests for the conduct of labor market missions through DFA
18Monitoring and reporting on the status of OFWs in Hong Kong
19Mandatory conciliation-mediation of administrative complaints
20Termination of Operations of POEA BM Processing Center at Duty Free Phils, Fiesta Mall, Paranaque City
21Orientation on OFW Welfare Monitoring System
22Deferment of Implementation of OFW Welfare Monitoring System
23Processing of Worker documents while Renewal of Agency License in On-Going
24Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) Program of the International Organization for Migration
25Taiwan New Monthly Wage for Foreign Crew Members engaged in Distant Water Fishing
26Hong Kong's New Minimum Allowable Wage for Domestic Helpers
27Further Deferment of Implementation of OFW Welfare Monitoring System
28Launching of eRegistration System Version 2.0
29Ensuring the Correctness of Data Encoded Using the eRegistration and eContracts Processing Systems
30Submission of Material and Relevant Information Surrounding Critical and Significant Incidents Involving Deployed OFWs
31Clarification on the Nature of OEC

No. Subject
1WHO Advice for International Travelers concerning the Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar
2Myanmar's Issuance of Visas to Foreign Workers
3Clarification on Coverage of Deployment Restrictions
4Update on the Type of visas Issued by the Government of Cambodia (MC No. 6, s2010)
5Reporting of PRAs on the Status and Condition of Deployed OFWs
6China's Visa Program for High End Foreign Talents
7Last Day of Registration for the 2018 EPS Korea Point system
8Guidelines on the Exception of Balik-Manggagawa Workers from the Deployment Ban to Kuwait
9Moniitoring and Reporting on the Status of Fiipino Workers in the State of Kuwait
10Direct Hiring of Filipino HSWs for Malaysia
11General Guidelines for the 3rd International Employers Awards
11A3rd International Maritime Employers Awards
11BInternational Employers Awards
12Special Registration for the 2018 EPS Point System
13Required Additional Information for the Special Registration for the 2018 EPS Point System
14Reminder to all Private Recuitment Agencies on OFW processing
15Suspension of Licenses for Recruitment of Expatriate Manpower in the Sultanate of Oman
16Users Training on eContracts Processing
17Criminal Prosecution and Impprisonment for Submission of False Employment Documents
18Revised Penalties for Saudi Employers on Violations of the Labor Law
19Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of Filipino Workers in the Provinces of Najran . . . KSA
20Singapore's new rules in hiring foreign workers
21Suspension of POLO verification and document processing for labor suppliers in Qatar
22Compliance with yearly increase in paid-up capital
25Regulations amending the Immigration and Refugee Regulations (IRPR)of Canada
26Mandatory PEOS for OFWs including those who have previously worked abroad
27Deadline on submission of request for issuance of TITP certificate
28Manual Processing of Seafarer's Employment Contract
29Setting Up of Help Desks for the Registration of Workers Under the Seafarers and Seabased eContracts System (SBECS) and the Landbased eContracts System (LBECS)
30POLO Oman Advisory for Accredited Foreign Recruitment Agencies
31Extension of Nominastion Period for Seabased Principals for 3rd International Employers Awards
32Premature Recruitment and Deployment of Caregivers for Japan's TITP)
33Processing of Direct Hire Application
34Closure of BM Processing Centers in SM Manila and Pag-ibig Fund Makati
35Mandatory PEOS for all OFWs
36Notice to Prospective Applicants on Online Scams
37Extension of Hiring ban on Expatriate Workers in Oman
38Strict Observance of the Provisions of MC No. 8, Series of 2018 (Direc Hiring)
39Change in UK Visa Rules Particularly Tier 2 Cap
40Issuance of OFW Information/Record in Conformity with RA 10173
.Requirements and Procedure in the Issuance of OFW Record
41Delegated Authority of the Administrator
43Deployment of Stranded OFWs
443rd International Employers Awards
45Requirements for Transfer of Business Address
47Attendance to Pre-Licensing Orientation Seminar
48Regulation on Carriage of Deportee on Malaysian Airline Aircraft
49Volunteer Caregivers para sa mga Homecares sa Germany, Hindi Pinahihintulutan ng POEA
50Volunteer Caregivers for Homecares in Germany, not allowed by POEA
51Request for Issuance of Certificates for Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) of Japan
52Deadline for Submission of Application for Renewal of Certificates for Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) of Japan
53AUnauthorized recruitment of OFWs to Malta
53BHindi Otorisadong Pagre-recruit sa mga Manggagawang Filipino sa Malta
54POEA OFW Record Online Appointment System
55Thailand's Amendments to the Emergency Decree on Managing the Employment of foreigners
56Warning on Fraudulent Medical Certificates
No. Subject
1Online PEOS System Glitch Resolved
2Warning Against Illegal Recruitment of Filipino Caregivers for Japan
3Suspension of Medical Facilities by the Department of Health
4Reinstating Memorandum Circular No. 6, Series of 2010 on mandatory coverage and membership of Filipino workers under the Home Development Mutual Fund otherwise known as PAGIBIG (MC No. 6, s2010)
5Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of OFWs in the State of Qatar
6Continued Maltreatment and Abuse of OFWs in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia
7Fees for Dependents of Expats in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
8Resumption of Processing of OECs per Labor Advisory No. 16, s2017
8aBanned Skills for Foreign Workers in Alberta, Canada
8Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of OFWs in Guam
10Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of OFWs in Japan
11Qatar's Domestic Worker's Law
12Additional Guidelines on MC No. 7, s2017
13New Requirement for Foreign workers Bound for Jordan
14Hong Kong's New Minimum Wage for Domestic Workers
15Orientation on the 2016 Revised POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Seafarers
16Orientation on the New e-Registration and e-Contacts Processing Systems
17Increasing Cases of Illegal Recruitment of Filipinos Already Overseas for Deployment to Russia
18List of Drugs Banned in Saudi Arabia
19Verification of Compliance to PEOS Requirement Agency Hired Workers
20Immigration Advice for Visa Applicants for News Zealand
21List of Restricted Markets for OFWs
22Request for Letter of Recommendation re Japan's Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)
24Implementation of New eRegistration System
No. Subject
1Singapore's Disembarkation Procedure and Requirements for Seafarers
2Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of OFWs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iran and GCC States
3Online Scam on Employment in Lisbon
4Partial Amnesty for Residence Violators in Kuwait
5Precautionary Measures for OFWs in KSA, Iran and GCC States Relative to the Middle East Situation
6Monitoring and Reporting on the Employment Status of OFWs On-site and manpower Demand from Employers from the GCC States
7Relocation of JITCO's Headquarters and Tokyo Regional Office
8Updating of Agency Records
93rd International Employers Awards - SB
10Thailand bans overstaying workers from re-entering
11Hong Kong prohibits stun devices
12Extension of Nomination for the 3rd International Maritime Employers Awards
13Procedure on the entry to Cyprus of third country citizens with pending residence permit applications
14Payment of UK visa processing/working permit fees
15Monitoring and reporting on the employment status of Filipino seafarers affected by the Middle East oil price decline
16Immigration security clearance for foreign workers in Malaysia
17Completeness and compliance of employers' documents submited for POEA accreditation
18Orientation on PEOS Online for liicensed recruitment agencies
19Full implementation of BM Online Appointment System at POEA main office
20Non-Citizen Employment Regulation of Act 2015 of Tanzania
21Full implementation of BM Online Appointment System at OWWA Naga City
22Recognition Ceremonies for Maritime Social Partners
23Adoption of a Resolution on Women domestic Workers and Carers in the EU
24Contact numbers on Mandatory Online PEOS
25Prohibition on Payment of Australian Visas
26Wild Polio Virus in Pakistan and Afganistan
27Requirement for Mandatory PEOS for Contracts Processing of Professional and Skilled Workers
28Processing of first timer OFWs and ineligible workers as BM workers
29China policy on foreign language teachers
30Suspension of processing of OEC applications of workers of watchlisted employers
31Registration of medical profressonals in Cambodia
32Agencies are required to submit list of processed OFWs which were exempted from taking the Online PEOS
33OFWs who are on visa run face risks
34Notice of Administrative Penalties Issued by the Province of Alberta to Canadian Placement Agencies
35Updating of Agency Contact Details and Authorized Signatories
38Implementation of New Zeland's eVisas
39Schedule of PEOS Module downtime for professional and skilled workers
No. Subject
1Approved Amendments to Brunei's Penal Code and Royal Property Act
2Reiteration of Advisories on the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERSCoV)
3Usage of Satellite Communication Equipment in Indian Waters
4No Crew Change and No Shore Leave Policy on Yemeni Ports
5Issuance and Renewal of Residency Visas of Expatriates in Kuwait.
6Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate Independent of Other Government Fees
7Updating of Agency Contact Details
8Full Implementation of Balik-Manggagawa (BM) Online Appointment System at the BM Processing Centers
9Jordan Amnesty for all Foreign Workers
10Monitoring and Reporting on the Status of Filipino Workers in the Provinces of Najran, Jizan and Asir in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
11Full Implementation of Balik-Manggagawa Online Appointment system at POEA Visayas Regional Center in Cebu City
12Request for Processing (RFP) and Payment of Fees
13Submission of Police Clearance for Canadian Immigration Purposes
14Follow up Advisory on the Monitoring on the Status of Filipino Workers in the Provinces of Najran, Jizan and Asir in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
15Full Implementation of the e-Payment System
16Kuwaiti Monetary Notes of the Fifth Edition
17Reiteration of Advisories on MERS-CoV to Cover all Countries
18Samoa International Maritime Authority (SIMA) Not Authorized by Independent State of Samoa
19Abolition of Re-Entry Visa from Re-entering Nigeria
20Bahrain's New Rules for Work Permits
21Placing Tunisia under Crisis Alert Level 1 (Precautionary Phase)
22E-Payment System
23Amnesty offers for illegal workers in Bahrain
24Visa requirements for Filipinos bound for Vietnam
25Placing Thailand under Crisis Alert Level 1
26Increasing Number of Undocumented Filipino Domestic Workers in China
27Full Implementation of Balik-Manggagawa Online Appointment System at POEA Main Office
28Qatar National ID
29Azerbaijan Laws on Employment of Alien Workers
30Full Implementation of Balik-Manggagawa Online Appointment System at the Regional Office Nationwide
33Processing Of OFW Documents During The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)Summit Meeting
34Effect of the Economic Downturn to Filipino Overseas Workers in Greece
35Prohibition on Carrying Live Bullets
36Adoption of International Standards Classification (ISCO-2008)
37New Policy on the Issuance of Work Permit to Foreign Household Workers in Singapore
38Processing of Employment contracts of Seafarers Under the In-House Processing through E-submission System
40United Kingdom's Minimum Wage


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